3 For FREE

Get Your Health Pack Free

Having a buddy to get fit and healthy with is a great way to stay motivated because you know your buddy is counting on you and you push each other to go further. When you help 3 people you care about with their health by referring them to a Health Pack, you can earn yours free. Learn more.


Here's how to get your health pack FREE every month simply:

  • Be on Auto-Ship for the Health Pack of your choice
  • Get 3 others to join the club, each with a Health Pack on Auto-Ship of equal or greater value than yours

3 For FREE Policies

  • The “3 For FREE” program applies to Health Packs only. You can receive 1 Health Pack FREE each month that you qualify.
  • Your qualification is earned each month for the following month’s Auto-Ship.
  • Additional add-on products do not count toward program volume nor can you get the add-on products for free.
  • Sales Tax on the value of the free products will be charged as well as regular shipping & handling.
  • Qualification for your free Health Pack is based on the volume of your personally sponsored Club Members.
  • You may have more than 3 personally sponsored Club Members. The volume of all Club Member Health Packs on Auto-Ship will count toward your “3 For FREE” program volume.
  • When a Club Member upgrades to become a Promoter, you can count their Health Pack volume into your 3 For FREE volume for next month’s Auto-Ship only.
  • If you are a Promoter and you have a personally sponsored Club Member who earns their Auto-Ship for free, that Club Member’s Free Program Volume will count toward qualification for your Free Auto-Ship.
  • Check your NeoLife Club “3 For FREE” dashboard to monitor your qualification each month!